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Weight less than 16lbs with a 420w Dual Fan Power Supply included!

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RaidMax Raidtronic 668 668W TX-668WSP TX-668WBP 
Weighting in at less than 16lbs with a 420w Dual Fan Power Supply installed, this Aluminum Super "Z" Medium Tower will make the Perfect Companion as a LAN Party PC.  Compare to the Thermaltake Xaser III 2000A / 2000+ Aluminum at almost 30lbs with a full blown Power Supply or the Thermaltake Xaser III 1000A / 1000+ Steel at a whooping 45lbs (that's WITHOUT a Power Supply), the Aluminum Super "Z" is by far the feather of the line up.  Of course, the Super "Z", does not back down to anyone when it comes Cooling Options, Capacity, and Design.  There are a total for 5 Cooling Fan Options and already 3 x 80mm Fans are included .  Case in point, 2 Exhaust 80mm Fans simply clip in the Rear Vent Brackets.  And in the pictures below, you will also see the Side Window Fan MOD using another 80mm Fan w/ a Special Laser Cut Fan Grill.  It hovers just right above the Mobo & Video Card, which work very hard to bring Cold Air from the outside to cool down your system.  Those 3 fans are Pre-Installed for you for FREE, but if needed, 2 more 80mm Fans can be installed as front In Take Fans.  Working thru those Gigantic Air Vents located at the bottom half of the Front Panel, a 80mm Fan will act as a typical Front In Take Fan.  Notably, a 2nd 80mm Front Intake Fan can be installed on the Removable HD Cage to COOL your hard drives.  This 2nd 80mm Fan in the HD Cage will not only help Air Intake, it will create maximum cooling effects on yours HD.  

As a true Super Medium Tower Case, it should be no surprise that the Super "Z" can hold a total of 10 Drives (4 X External 5.25" + 2 X External 3.5" + 4 X Internal 3.5").   The real surprise should be that it does afford more room for decorative MODs.  Due to its taller Disposition, parts can be spread out and better organized.  Drives, cables, and add on cards are no longer cramped together.  The extra larger See Thru Side Window will perfectly show off the neatly put together system.  Throw some Cold Cathode Lights or Neon Fans in there and on to the Lan Party you GO!




This is what you can expect from this Case:

  • Standard ATX form factor
  • Aluminum Construction Chassis weighting less than 14lbs without a PS
  • Stylish Front Panel with Security Key Lock 
  • Swing Out Front Door also good for Dust Protection & Stealthing Drives
  • Silver plated Blue Lit Z Logo on the Door
  • Twin Big Bright Red HD Indicators as HD Activity LED on the Door
  • Available in Classic Silver, Rivera Black,  or Storm Blue Anodized Custom Paint Finish
  • Firewire and 2 x 2.0 USB Ports behind flip down cover 
  • Large Front In Take Air Vents takes up half of the Front Panel 
  • 2 x 8cm Rear Exhaust Fans Pre-Installed
  • Pre-MOD Thru Side Window Mod with 8cm Fan & Designer Fan drill
  • Easy Off 5.25 Drive Rails for 5.25 Devices (i.e. CD, DVD)
  • 2 Easy Off 3.5" Drive Cages for both FD & HD
  • 4 open 5.25" drive bay
  • 2 open 3.5" drive bay
  • 4 hidden 3.5" drive bay (total of 10 drive bays)
  • 2 Optional Intake 8cm Fans can be install behind Front Intake Vent
  • Dimensions:  20.5" (H) x 8" (W) x 18.5" (D)
  • Max. Motherboard size:  12" x 11"
  • 420w Dual Fan P4 Ready or AMD Compatible PS Installed

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Scorpio 668 Aluminum Super Z Medium Computer Case 420w Dual Fan PS
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3 Colors Available:: 

Add Neon Light Tube (FAQ: Cold Cathod Light Waves are Smoother): 

Add 2nd Neon Light Tube (FAQ: Cold Cathod Ligth Waves are Smoother): 

Add Case Power LED Mod: 

Add Case Hard Disk Activity LED Mod: 

Change Z Logo LED Mod: 

Power Supply for Intel CPU (Pentium to Pentium 4): 

Power Supply for AMD CPU (K6 & entire Athlon Famliy): 

Free Power Supply Test before shiping: 

Free Power Supply Cable: 

Add 1.44 Floppy: 

Add Toshiba DVD CD (16x DVD, 40x CD, 85ms Access Time): 

Add Plextor CD-RW (40x Write, 12x Re-Write, 40x Read, 120ms Access Time): 

Add Pioneer DVD-RW (24x CD & 4x DVD Read, 180ms Access Time): 

Install Side Vent Fan (Visible from Outside Window): 

Install 1st Front Intake Fan (Visible from Bottom Vents): 

Install 2nd Front Fan / HD Cooling Fan (Visible from Bottom Vents): 

Install 1st Rear Exhaust Fan (Visible from Side Window): 

Install 2nd Rear Exhaust Fan (Visible from Side Window): 

Install Fan Control/Rheobus (Take up a Drive Bay): 

Add Easy-Off Thumb Screws: 

Add ATA133 Round IDE Cable w/ Neon Glow Wire: 

Add 18inch Round Floppy Cable: 

Thermaltake Xaser III Color Keyboard, Mouse Combo: 

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